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A series of AI systems developed by Pat Langley to explore the role of heuristics in scientific discovery

A.M. turing developed a technique for determining whether a computer could or could not demonstrate the artificial Intelligence is called

An AI system developed by Terry A. Winograd to permit an interactive dialogue about a domain he called blocks-world

If the English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes could be called 'grandfather' of artificial intelligence, then who could be called its father?

The "Turing Machine" showed that you could use a/an _____ system to program any algorithmic task

DARPA, the agency that has funded a great deal of American AI research, is part of the Department of

MCC is investigating the improvement of the relationship between people and computers through a technology called

The first widely-used commercial form of Artificial Intelligence (Al) is being used in many popular products like microwave ovens?

In his landmark book Cybernetics, Norbert Wiener suggested a way of modeling scientific phenomena using not energy, but

The primary interactive method of communication used by humans is

A mouse device may be