What is coaxial cable?

A coaxial cable is a cable consiting of stiff copper wire as core, surrounded by an insulating material. A cylindrical conductor encases the insulator, often as a closely woven braided mesh. This is enclosed in protective plastic sheath. The signla is transmitted by inner copper wire and electrically sheilded by the outer metal sleeve. The connectore used with coaxial cable BNC connector (Bayonet-Neil-Concelman).

The original coax cable was created by English inventor Oliver Heaviside.

coaxial (coax) cable have served as backbone of communication technology for decades.

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Each coaxial cable has a RG (Radio Government) rating which specifies the thickness, the size of insulating material and outer conductor and the impedence. Three types of coaxial cables are commonly used in computer applications are given in following table.

RG Rating Impedence Use
RG-59 75 CCTV, broadband cable is used for cctv
RG-58 50 (The ethernet) baseband coaxial cable is used for digital transmission
RG-11 50 Dual sheilded bulk cable for thick ethernet

Applications of Coaxial Cable

  1. Coaxial cable is used in cable tv
  2. One of most versatile medium for digital transmission.
  3. Long distance telephone trasmission.
  4. Computer networks (thin and thick ethernet) and carrying data upto 100 Mbps
  5. Survelilence system and closed circuit camera
  6. Coaxial cable was used in analog as well as digital telephone networks carrying data upto 600 mb

Advantages of Coaxiable Cable

  1. offers very goood noise immunity
  2. high bandwidth for transmission
  3. support both baseband and broadband connection
  4. better security since they are difficult to tap

Disadvantages of coaxial cable

  1. Coaxiable cable is expensive compared to twisted pair. The price range from $0.5 per foot.
  2. It is bulky and heavier to install compared to twisted pair cable

Which is better coaxial cable or fiber optic cable?

Fiber optic cables work with Light Emitting Diode. Light travel fast, so fast and hence fiber optic cables are also fast in terms of speed of data transmission.

Fiber optic cables are fast but expensive whereas coaxiable cables are good in terms of speed and affordable

It depeneds on what do you want to do with your cableing to decide which cable you should choose between fiber optic cable and coaxiable cable.

If your work is normal day to day activities but large distance, coaxial cable is recommeded.

If distance is short, speed is important factor for you, go with fiber optic cable.

If you are very rich and speed is only thing you care about no matter what distance, go easily with fiber optic they are the best.