Networking Applications

Here are networking applications

Business Applications

  1. One of the most important application of computer network for business is resource sharing. large organization, their employees, customers and their other stakeholders can share resources. This enables all programs, equipment, data available to anyone on the network regardless of physical location of the resource and user.
  2. A computer network provides a powerful communication medium for business. Daily communication can be done using email, report, chart, and other document. Video conferencing enable employees at distant location to hold virtual meetings which eliminate cost and time.
  3. Companies can do business with other companies electronically. This saves time and cost and also reduces the need to hold large inventories, resulting in enhanced efficiency.
  4. One major application of computer networks ois ecommerce which mean doing business over internet. Recently m-commerce which mean selling using mobile devices gained popularity.
  5. Banks, arilines, book stores, retailers, etc allow consumers to do business from home by providing on-line catalogs and taking orders on line.

Home Applications

Most popular uses of computer network for home user are as follow:
  1. Access to remote information: This includes surfing WWW for information on large range of subjects, accessing online libraries, receiving daily updates on shares and stock, reading newspapers, magazines and journal. All these involve interaction between a person and a remote database.
  2. Person to person communication: It includes email, chatting, instant messaging and social networking which are used on daily by millions of people. Audio, video, text, and pictures, can be exchanged in real time. Newsgroups are commonplace, where discussions on any topic can be held among a select group of people
  3. Internet telephony enable users to talk over internet.


Computer networks like internet and world wide web are increasingly beign used for for education. This area is called tele-learning or e-learing. Users can register for opnline courses conducted by educational institutions and companies. M-learning using mobile devices is also an emerging area.


This is huge and growing industry. These applications include video on demand where it is possible to select any movie or televeision program and have it displayed on screen instantly, interactive films and television, programs, multi-person and real time game playing and 3D virtual reality applications.

Electronic commerce

In recent time, more and more ome users are doing home shopping by accessing online catalogs. People access financial institutions, pay bills, handle investmenets, manage bank account electronically.