Star Network

Star network topology is discussed in this article.

First understand what topology means?

Topology simply means arrangement of constituent parts or how they are interrelated.

Star network topology is commonly used computer network topology. Other computer network topogies are mesh network topology, bus network topology, ring network topology and hybrid network topolgy.

Star Network

star network topology
Star Network Topology

Here is the definition of star topology.

A computer network which implements spoke-hub paradigm is known as Star network. A spoke-hub is a system in which there is central entity to which all other entities report or communicate through.

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Now towards the working or explanation of star network topology.

In star network, every host is connected to a central hub. A host simply means any device or computer in network.

This central hub is also a computer but capable doing many things that other computers in network are either not capable to do or are not permitted to do.

You can add maximum of 16,777,214 (224 -2) hosts in star network theoretically.

If a computer in the network wants to send a message to another computer in the same network then it has to send that message to central hub.

A message may be any type of data such as files, images, video etc.

Each device in network has a dedicated point to point link to central controller or central hub or central switch.

The central controller relays data from one device to another in network.

Unlike mesh topology, two devices cannot communicate directly in star topology.

All communication is done through the controller only.