Bsc Computer Science Question Papers (FYBSC, SYBSC)

B.Sc (Computer Science) Question Papers

NOTE: Question papers of TY will be added soon.

Here are the question papers of FYBSC, SYBSC and TYBSC computer science.

FYBSC Computer Science Question Papers

April 2018 FYBSC/FYBCS ( COMPUTER SCIENCE ) 2013 PATTERN Question Papers

FYBSC(Computer Science) All Year Question Papers

NOTE: The question papers of FY and SY are integrated so don't think that you got only SY's question paper, scroll to see more. And more question papers from other years will be added soon.

Here are the FYBSC Computer Science/ FYBCS Question Papers from Pune University. These question papers are based on 2013 pattern.
  1. FYBSC (Comp) Question Paper April 2018 - Click to Download PDF
  2. FYBSC (Comp) Question Paper October 2017 - Click to Download PDF
  3. FYBSC (Comp) Question Paper April 2017 - Click to Download PDF
  4. FYBSC (Comp) Question Paper April 2016 - Click to Download PDF
  5. FYBSC (Comp) Question Paper April 2015 - Click to Download PDF
  1. FYBSc Computer Science Question Papers --
  2. SYBSc Computer Science Question Papers