What jobs do computer science majors get?

You might have completed your computer science degree or you are in the final year thinking about what's next? This article tells you what can you do with a computer science degree? Computer science jobs with their job description and salary are given in this article.

I have tried to predict your current educational status but it may be wrong. So if you haven't stated studying computer science degree then you can check out what is bachelor of computer science degree exactly about. If you don't know anything and you are just exploring, you should check out what is computer science first.

What jobs do computer science majors get?

Here are the top 8 jobs you can get as computer science major.
So let's get this article started. The first thing that might be hitting your mind is to be a developer since you did a lot of programming during the completion of your computer science degree. So let's start with that, you can be a developer. Developers are of different kinds.

Become a Mobile Application Developer

You can be a Android or iOS developer. For Android you need to have knowledge of java which a computer science degree covers. On the other hand for iOS you need objective C or swift. Now if you are thinking that "No way, I wanted make iOS app using java", no worries you can do that using Multi-OS Engine plugin for Android studio. For a detailed tutorial on how to use it read - iOS Apps in Java Along with Android

In this category you can either choose to do a job for a company or make your own app and generate revenue from it (difficult for beginners). If you are thinking to do a job the average salary is

Average US Salary : $90,947
Average Indian Salary : ₹300000 - ₹500000

Become Full Stack Web Developer

A web developer which is expert / experienced in both front and back end web development is called full stack web developer. There are many frameworks available and are being developed in recent times. Django is the most popular web development framework.

Average U.S. Salary: $88,488
Average Indian Salary: 6.25 Lakh per annum

Become a Game Developer

Most interesting and fun filled industry, Gaming.

This industry is growing bigger and bigger with every passing year. Video game revenue in 2018 reached a new peak of $43.8 billion which is 18 percent more than previous years, surpassing the projected total global box office for the film industry, according to new data released by the Entertainment Software Association and The NPD Group. Find more stats about video gaming industry at TechCrunch.

If you can develop your own AAA game that seems fascinating to gamers then you are very likely to become a millionaire at least.

The numbers for average salary of a game developer are not accurate it depends on number of factors. Two factors are the company you are working for and your designation.

Average U.S. Salary : $112,243
Average Indian Salary : ₹2 Lakh - ₹10 Lakh

Become a Cyber Security Consultant

If your computer science degree covers topics related security of system you can pursue a career as Cyber security consultant.

We are living in the modern world and generating tons of sensitive information, we are developing new ways to protect it also but still hackers steal it, so to know whether the system is hackable or not and to protect the system cyber security consultant comes into play.

In this job, you will have to analyse the security breaches that may happen or have happened and reinforce the system so that confidential data remains protected. You may also have to hack the system by ethical means to discover the weakness of the system to fix them.

The average salary for "Junior cyber security consultant" ranges from approximately $61,868 per year for Application Specialist to $117,989 per year for Penetration Tester.

An intermediate level Security Consultant with 5-9 years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹900,000.

An experienced Security Consultant with 10-19 years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹1,493,000.

To find more accurate numbers on salaries for computer science degree holder jobs in India view PayScale

Become Software Engineer

If you choose Software engineering as a career you need to have knowledge of programming language that are currently popular in market. In this career you will be testing and debugging the software. Select the right computer science degree that covers most of the latest programming languages.

Average U.S. Salary : 104,463
Average Indian Salary : ₹2.5 Lakh - ₹15.5 Lakh

Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning jobs are increasing with every year. If you are interested in data structures and algorithms, it is a good time for a computer science degree holder to pursue a career in machine learning. In this job you need to develope automatic systems which get better over time independently without hardcoding.

Average U.S. Salary : $120,931
Average Indian Salary :₹7 Lakh - ₹13Lakh

Become a Data Engineer/Scientist

If you are interested in databases you can choose to be a data engineer. In this job you need to develop and maintain big and complex databases, also you will often need to work in collaboration so good soft skills are required. You need to create new ways to store and get information out of different kinds of data.

Average U.S. Salary :$137,776
Average Indian Salary :₹12Lakh - ₹20Lakh

Become a Technical Writer

If you are thinking "what can you do with a computer science degree besides programming?" then becoming a technical writer is one of the many options. During your computer science degree you have gained a strong technical knowledge about software packages, software developing techniques so you can use this knowledge to be a technical writer.

In this job, technical writers work on different kinds of industries from finance related to use software in chemical engineering. You can also do freelancing as technical writer or work for a company full time.

The average salary of a technical writer is ₹491,442 in India according to PayScale.com. In USA, the average salary of a technical writer is $59,272.

Other jobs that you can do are information systems manager, database administrator, system analyst, system architect you can find the salary for these computer science degree holder jobs in your country on payscale.

We will add detailed information on above jobs soon and also we will add more jobs and ways to earn for a computer science degree holder.