C Program to Check Integers Are Equal Or Not Using Macro

C Program :
/* Aim: Define a macro EQUALINT which compares two parameters x and y and gives 1 if equal and 0 otherwise. Use thhis macro to accept pairs of integers from the user. Calculate the sum of digits and continue till the user enters a pair whose sum of digits is not equal. */

#define EQUALINT(x,y) x==y?1:0

// Sum_of_Digits Function
int Sum_of_Digits(int x)
	int sum=0;

	return sum;

#define ISSUMEQUAL(x,y)  (Sum_of_Digits(x)==Sum_of_Digits(y))?1:0 

void main(int argc,char *argv[])
	int num1,num2;

	printf("\n Enter two numbers:- ");
	scanf(" %d%d",&num1,&num2);
	printf("\n Sum of digits of %d and %d is equal ie %d=%d \n \n",num1,num2,Sum_of_Digits(num1),Sum_of_Digits(num2));
	printf("\n Sum of digits of %d and %d is not equal \n \n",num1,num2);


/* Output of above code:- 

[root@ugilinux ~]# cc e17a3.c
[root@ugilinux ~]# ./a.out

 Enter two numbers:- 100 001

 Sum of digits of 100 and 1 is equal ie 1=1 

 Enter two numbers:- 99 98

 Sum of digits of 99 and 98 is not equal