C Program to Check First Number is Between Second and Third

Check whether first number is between second and third in C

This C code checks if given number is between second and third number also provided as input from the user.
/* Aim: To check whether the first number is in between second and third number. */

int main()
	int a,b,c;
	printf("\n \n Enter Your First number:");	

	printf("\n \n Enter Your Second number:");
	printf("\n \n Enter Your Third number:");

	if (((a<b) && (a>c)) || ((a>b) && (a<c)))
		printf("\n \n %d is in between %d and %d \n \n",a,b,c);
		printf("\n \n %d is not in between %d and %d \n \n",a,b,c);
	return 0;


 Enter Your First number:10
 Enter Your Second number:11
 Enter Your Third number:12

 10 is not in between 11 and 12