C Program to Find Volume and Surface Area of Cuboid

Write a C program to find the volume of cuboid. Write a c program to find the surface area of cuboid.

A cuboid is a 3D object made up of 6 Rectangles. All the opposite faces are equal in length, breadth and thus in area.

C Program to Find Surface Area and Volume of Cuboid

Surface area
Formula to find surface area of cuboid:

Formula to find volume of cuboid:
Volume of cuboid = length × breadth × height


Input : length = 2 
breadth = 3
height = 4 
Output : Total Surface Area = 52 
         Volume of cuboid = 2 x 3 x 4 = 24
This code finds out the volume and surface area of cuboid given the length, breadth(width) and height of cuboid.

Here is the source code of C program to find the volume cuboid and calculate surface area of cuboid.
/* Aim: C code to find the Surface area and volume of cuboid */

int main()
	float l,b,h,s,v;
	printf("\n Enter length of cuboid :");

	printf("\n Enter breadth of cuboid :");
	printf("\n Enter height of cuboid :");

	printf("\n The surface area of cuboid is '%f'",s);
	printf("\n \n The volumer of cuboid is '%f' \n \n",v);

	return 0;


 Enter length of cuboid :12

 Enter breadth of cuboid :4

 Enter height of cuboid :5

 The surface area of cuboid is '176.000000'
 The volume of cuboid is '240.000000'


Accepted values of length, breadth (width) and height from user and calculated the volume and surface area of cuboid according to the formulae given above and displayed the result.