C Program To Display Next And Previous Character of Given Character

This article is tutorial which explains how to write a C program which accepts a character from user and display the characters previous and next to it.

C Program to Display Next and Previous Character from given input Character

/* Aim: To display next and previous character */

int main()
    char character;
    printf("\n Enter any character:");
    scanf(" %c",&character);

    printf("\n The character next to '%c' is '%c'",character,character+1);
    printf("\n \n The character previous to '%c' is '%c' \n \n",character,character-1);

    return 0;


 Enter any character: a

 The character next to 'a' is 'b'
 The character previous to 'a' is '`' 


Accept a character from user and store it in the variable named character. . Even though it is data type of our variable is char it is internally treated in the form of ascii values. So when we perform character+1 or character-1 the ascii value of character is incremented or decremented by one. As we are using format specifiers %c in print we get the char representation of ascii value. Try putting %d instead you will see the resultant ascii value. That's how we display character previous and next to given character.