Advantages and Disadvantages of OSI Model

Advantages and Disadvantages of OSI Model from computer networking are given in the list of advantages and disadvantages below. This page lists the advantages and disadvantages of OSI reference model.

Advantages of OSI Model

  1. The OSI model makes clear distinction between services, interfaces and protocols whereas TCP/IP model does not clearly distinguish between them.
  2. OSI reference model is general purpose model. That is, it is not biased towards only one set of protocols.
  3. More number of layers in OSI model makes it simpler to understand the working of model.

Disadvantages of OSI Model

  1. OSI model has more number of layers (7 layers) compared to TCP/IP model which has only 4 layers.
  2. OSI model does not take care of internetworking.
  3. The session and presentation layers in OSI model nearly empty whereas the data link and network layers are overloaded.
  4. OSI model has not been implemented in real world.