How to add fedora entry to boot in windows 10, 8, 7?

How to add fedora entry to boot in windows 10?

If you installed windows on system where fedora was previously installed then the windows setup installs MBR over grub2 and you fedora entry goes on missing. To overcome this problem and fedora entry to boot in windows 7, 8, 1, follow the instructions given below
  1. Download EasyBCD from this website Download EasyBCD or you can buy it from official NeoSmart Site.
  2. Now run EasyBCD as administrator by right clicking the application icon.
  3. Click on add new entry from EasyBCD toolbox on the left side of window.
  4. Click on linux/BSD from Operating Systems.
  5. Select the type as GRUB2
  6. Select automatically detect for drive.
  7. Give name to your entry whatever you want. This doesn't affect anything.
  8. Click on Add Entry and you are have successfully added fedora entry to windows boot.
Restart your system. Choose the entry you named, otherwise choose NeoSmart Linux and the choose Fedora entry from grub loader to boot into your fedora operating system.