How Do I Reboot a Dell Computer

This tutorial is a guide on how to reboot a Dell computer if it is not working correctly or not working at all.

When your operating system does not work correctly you may face issues of different kinds and will want to reboot, restore or factory reset the entire system.

Before we begin this tutorial I assume that you backup all your Dell computer data to external hard drive, DVDs, CDs or some other removable storage media on regular intervals.

System Restore

If you have installed some malicious software recently that may be the reason your computer is not working currently or as desired by you.

You can use system restore to resolve this issue. A system restore is a facility provided by the windows itself which takes your computer back in time when it was running perfectly without loosing any personal files.
Note: System restore removes the softwares installed after the specified point in time. So you will have to reinstall them again.

Follow the steps below to system restore your Dell computer

  1. Boot (start) your computer normally.
  2. Open the control panel by clicking on start and the searching and clicking on control panel .
  3. Open System and Security and then open System from there.
  4. Click on the system protection option under the Control panel home menu. If in case the user account window appears click yes.
  5. Click System Restore
  6. The most recent restore point is selected by default.
  7. To choose a different restore point, click Choose a different restore point, click Next and then click a restore point.
  8. Now click next and then finish to confirm the restore point.
  9. To start the restore process, click on yes.
  10. You computer will restart as soon as the system restore completes.
If the current restore point does not work then choose another one. It may be the case with you that no restore points are listed at all.

Using the built-in Dell factory image restore partition

  1. Restart your Dell computer.
  2. While your computer restarts, tap the f8 key repeatedly to bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  3. Select and click on the Repair your computer option.
  4. Now select the language and click next.
  5. Now log in as administrator and proceed next.
  6. Click system restore and proceed.
  7. If you want to select different restore point rather the one selected by default, click on Show more restore points and then click on a restore point.
  8. Proceed next and click finish to confirm.
  9. To start the restoring process, click on yes.
  10. When the restoring process completes, click Restart to restart your Dell computer.
When Advanced Boot Options does not open, restart your computer and try again. After trying several times if the Advanced Boot Options do not open then you might need to install the Windows manually again. Refer this guide from Windows Creator - Microsoft on Installing Windows From A USB Drive