C Program To Check Character is Vowel Using Function

C Program :
/* Aim: Write a function for the following function prototype
void isVowel(char c) */


void isVowel(char c); // isVowel Function Prototype

void main()
	char c;
	printf("\n Enter any character:- ");

// isVowel Function

void isVowel(char c)

	if(c=='a' || c=='e' || c=='i' || c=='o' || c=='u')
		printf("\n %c is a vowel \n \n",c);
		printf("\n %c is not a vowel \n \n",c);
} // End of the code

/* Output of above code:-
[root@localhost ~]# cc isVowel.c
[root@localhost ~]# ./a.out

 Enter any character:- a

 a is a vowel